Sara and Michael

Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger

Outspoken Literacy Consultants

Author/Educators Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger visit schools worldwide providing author visits, professional development and classroom workshops in writing, comprehension strategies, and public speaking for students K-12.

High-energy performance poets, Sara and Michael are frequent presenters at schools and conferences in the United States and over 35 countries. They provide lively, interactive assemblies, spirited classroom experiences, and engaging PD.

“We can show you writing engagement strategies that will help make your students’ learning more visible.” – Michael Salinger

“Our collaborative snapshot writing lessons help kids question, synthesize, summarize and evidence their learning.” – Sara Holbrook

All kids, all subject areas.

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Our Writing Strategies

foster engagement • build literacy skills • expand vocabulary • deepen understanding • encourage close reading • make learning visible

Our Public Speaking Strategies

scaffold public speaking • build confidence • create community • combat stage fright • encourage collaboration • support risk taking • make learning visible

Our Team

We are sought-out award-winning performers and authors of many books for children – both story and textbooks. We captivate students – and educators!

November 27, 2016

Sekolah Adiwiyata Nasional, Gianyar, Bali

Enter two crackpot poets from Cleveland Ohio! Tada – Sara and I became the focus of a spectacular extravaganza orchestrated by the staff and the entire 900 members of the student body. We were led in to cheers, fed delicacies and test-drove those seats of honor as the kids ran through their routines.

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November 20, 2016

NCTE 2016 Atlanta

The National Council of Teachers of English is probably my favorite conference that Sara and I attend. Not only do we get to attend a myriad of sessions, collecting ideas and learning about research we can bring back to the schools we visit – we have a lot of fun! We presented on writing across the […]

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November 14, 2016

Associação Escola Graduada de São Paulo

There were so many welcoming folks we were overwhelmed with hospitality and smothered in traditional Brazilian hugs at every turn.

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July 6-8, 2016

SDE - Reading, Writing, Math and More - Chicago, IL

July 18-20, 2016

Judson University - Elgin, IL

July 31-August 3, 2016

Doctoral Student's Writers' Retreat - Judson University - Bellaire, MI

August 12, 2016

Region 10 Education Service Center, Richardson, TX

October 13, 2016

McKinley Elementary - Elyria, Ohio

October 22-23, 2016

Keystone State Reading - Seven Springs, PA

November 7-11, 2016

Graded The American School of São Paulo - Sao Paula, Brazil

November 17-20, 2016

NCTE - Atlanta, GA

November 28-December 1, 2016

Singapore American School - Singapore

January 16-20, 2017

International School of Tanganyika - Tanzania,

January 23-27, 2017

International Community School of Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

January 30-February 3, 2017

International School of Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya

February 16-18, 2017

Write to Learn conference - Osage Beach, MO

February 27-March 25, 2017

Shanghai American School - Shanghai, China


“Sara and Michael bring infectious energy and joy leavened with deep knowledge of best practices in literacy to their work with children and teachers.” Ellin Keene – Author of Mosaic of Thought and The Teacher You Want to Be
“Sara and Michael bring magic, and a contagious love of words to both students and teachers alike!” Georgia Heard - Author of Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School More testimonials...